Roofing works like this.  We have two standard markets that will consider roofing:


  1. Meets minimum premium of $10,000.
  2. New ventures can be considered, but they must have current coverage in place so the carrier can do a pre-quote inspection.   We have successfully started roofing clients out in a PEO or assigned risk, then 30-45 days later moving them to Amerisafe if they offer them a workers’ compensation quote.
  3. For new ventures with very little prior workers’ compensation history, Amerisafe will want to know about specific experience of the owner and employees.  Please provide a statement spelling this out.
  4. Can allow 30 days lead time to quote, must have time for pre-inspection.  These inspections must be a working site so the inspector can observe employees working.  They are watching for strict adherence to OSHA safety standards and even beyond.  The more serious owners of roofing companies take safety measures very seriously.
  5. Must be in Green Territory on Map: Click Here

Otherwise a PEO will consider it.

If they do not have prior WC we can still review them for Amerisafe if they meet the other above specs.  We can start them in a PEO and try to quote them with Amerisafe and if quoted then move them out without penalty.

If not PEO is all we can offer.  95% of what we write is regular standalone workers comp, but when we cannot we can offer a PEO solution.

PLEASE take a quick moment to view our very brief video drawing that will help you understand how a PEO works.  There is also a version you can show your clients.

What is a PEO?  AGENT version. What is a PEO? Client Version

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"I’d like to express my thanks to you and your team at Omega.   It is because of Omega that our workers’ compensation book of business has doubled over the past few years."

Stephanie K. Smith, ACSR, AIS
Commercial Lines Manager

"Omega has been a longtime partner of our agency providing excellent service and turnaround time.   Omega’s additional markets to our own help us compete with the larger insurance brokers. "

Scott Corkhill AAI
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"I have been doing this grind for 17 years and I never had an issue get resolved so quickly and smoothly. Many thanks to you and your staff for delivering on what you said you could. It does not go unnoticed. Anything I can not write in house I will be sending to you for first crack.

Thanks again its has been refreshing experience."

Ryan Downie
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