Employees training on workers comp

Quick Tips for Fast & Accurate Work Comp Quotes

  1. Fully completed ACORD 130 (if FL, 130-FL) (don’t forget the FEIN) CLICK HERE for Tips on Completed ACORD
  2. If prior insurance, we need loss runs when possible. If they have an experience mod higher than 1.00 we must have loss runs to quote.
  3. Please list a detailed description of operations on the ACORD 130 (130-FL) under Nature of Business/Description of operations. All underwriters need this and it keeps the guesswork down.
  4. If the insured has a website, review it with them to be sure it advertises what you are reflecting on the ACORD.  Underwriters assume that if they advertise it, they do it.  List the website on the ACORD.
  5. Lapse in coverage?  If the insured has had a lapse in coverage in the last three years, we will need to know why.
  6. Audit dispute?  If the insured is in an audit dispute, we will need to know the particulars.  We may not be able to quote until the audit is paid.
  7. Balance owed to prior carrier?  If the insured owes on their expiring WC policy, we will not be able to quote until they pay that balance or at least make arrangements for a pay plan.
  8. It is most helpful when we can get a supplemental application CLICK HERE for our supplemental apps.
  9. Any claims that are large (over $25k), please explain the details of the claim and how the insured is now trying to prevent the same.
  10. If construction, it is most helpful if you can also complete our contractor’s questionnaire. CLICK HERE.
    • For construction, underwriters will carefully review the company website to determine what they advertise.  In general, if they advertise it, they do it.  Here’s a website to check to see what types of permits the insured has pulled before:  http://www.buildzoom.com/find/contractors
    • 1099 labor is often a problem with contractors and WC, be sure to get an accurate estimated % of 1099 labor and if the insured only uses subs with WC certs.
    • Height exposure, underwriters need to know how high the employees will be working, be sure this is covered on the supplemental and properly reflected on the ACORD under GENERAL INFORMATION.
  11. All underwriting GENERAL INFORMATION questions answered with all YES responses explained.

For FL only:

In addition to the above: PLEASE be sure to only use the ACORD 130-FL  CLICK HERE for Tips on Completed ACORD

  • Check Sunbiz for corp status, print off the page showing their corp info and include it with your submission:  http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ByName.  Note, if the corporation is not active, we will need explanation of why.
  • Check the FLDFS website which shows any workers comp history in FL, print it off and include with your submission, if you find discrepancies, please find out about it and include it with your submission: https://dwcdataportal.fldfs.com/ProofOfCoverage.aspx.  NOTE:  If they have prior in the last 3 years, we will need loss runs to bind, but if they have an experience mod that is higher than 1.00 we will need them to quote.
  • In FL, if construction risk, check to see what licenses the insured has, this site will advise if they have a GC or roofing license which will be important to the carrier as most will decline for that reason:https://www.myfloridalicense.com/wl11.asp