With Omega’s Ghost Policy online quoting tool, you have the open ability to enter very basic data in order to receive a premium indication quote for our Ghost Policy program through Cimarron Insurance Company. You can either upload the docs after you get your instant premium indication quote or simply email them to Please note, all premium indication quotes issued on this site are only bindable if you submit all required documentation to Omega prior to the desired effective date of coverage. Same day binds are not permitted. Your agency must be appointed to represent Omega if you are to bind coverage. If you are not please click on “Get Appointed” on our website. If you have any questions please call Omega: 866-997-0711 Option 1. To continue to quoting please click Proceed or to return to our home page just click cancel. Thank you for choosing Omega Insurance Solutions. Cimarron is the insurance carrier who must confirm the quote before it can be bound.